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Client — Karen Ardley Associates (DIT Consultancy)

Information — KAA is a dynamic, creative leadership and training consultancy. Delivering professional development programmes for leaders and people involved with providing or supporting learning worldwide.

A strong bold design in line with KAA's current branding was essential but the basis of the site was content driven. Offering up to date information on current programmes meant that the use of PHP allowed KAA to amend areas of the site through a simple text document.

Karen Ardley Associates
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Karen Ardley Associates
Web Design
We offer a number of web based services from basic new builds to more advanced
e-commerce solutions.
web design
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Graphic Design
We have extensive experience of design for print, ranging in scale from business cards to brochures.Graphic Design
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A dynamic php solution generated random events from an extensive photographic archive of images.portfolio - mooneyphoto
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