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Client — mooneyphoto / Everton Football Club

Information —  As part of mooneyphoto's photographic services for Everton Football Club the ability for the client to access images was key. Over a period of 3 to 4 years the library accumulated 50.000 images all available for download in various sizes from previews to print ready colour corrected files.

The library was developed using Canto Cumulus (Digital Asset Management) solution and its web publisher feature. Adding suitable keywords for searching and retrieving images and capturing the descriptive details of the images made this a powerful tool for any user. Images are an indispensable part of a modern day business and Everton FC and third party designers, picture editors and printers could access and search the whole archive without the constraints of dealing with for example, an archive of CD's or DVD's.

(the library is no longer available, it ran from 2002 to 2005)  
Everton Footbal Club Photo Library
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Everton FC Photo Library
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